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Job Description

Role Purpose:

Climate change is a global imperative that will require massive innovation across all sectors of our economy. The built environment is one of the largest contributors of greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts. What better place to make your mark than helping guide innovative sustainability and real estate strategies with some of the largest companies in the world?

Our purpose at Incendium and Instant is to help our clients move their business forward faster. Agility and future-focused strategies are what drive our solutions, which are more relevant now than ever before. Sustainability and employee wellbeing are at the core of this ambition. We partner with businesses of all sizes to develop, operationalize, and implement their net zero and sustainability strategies.

Incendium is seeking a Senior Consultant to join the Sustainability team in London. We are a remote-first organization which means that we are looking for the best talent no matter where you live.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Assist in the Design and development of the sustainability and Net zero strategy alongside our clients.
  • Often lead aspects of delivery of initiatives relating to environmental sustainability, with support from the Incendium team.
  • Project support to wider Incendium and client teams working towards our goals of carbon reduction.
  • Undertake carbon data analysis to verify baselines and assist in submission of external reporting on behalf of corporate clients including CDP, SBTi and Ecovadis.
  • Assist in developing leading practice, market insights and emerging trends in all aspects of sustainability.
  • Assist both Incendium and client comms teams to create content and communication strategies that drive education and engagement across sectors.
  • Work within Incendium and Instant to integrate sustainability into the wider advisory and delivery service lines.
  • When required, manage junior members of the Incendium team.

Background and Experience:

  • Passionate about sustainability and making a real impact.
  • Proven track record in corporate sustainability, managing and supporting the management of projects.
  • Experience working regionall, with added benefit of working at a global level.
  • Essential to have a good and proven data analytics background.
  • Strong organisational skills and capacity to prioritise in a complex, fast paced environment.
  • Ability to establish relationships with key stakeholders both internal and within client teams.
  • Hands on approach, getting involved, leading but also being able to listen to group consensus.
  • Excellent team-working, and ability to mentor, manage and inspire your colleagues.
  • Flexible, hard-working and able to multi-task with ability to work to tight deadlines.
  • Strong problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to work autonomously with a client whilst ensuring engagement within wider Incendium business.
  • Excellent computer and information system skills; in particular various data management systems, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

About The Instant Group and Incendium:

In 2019 Instant Group acquired Incendium Consulting Ltd, an independent corporate real estate consultancy that provides large real estate services procurement, sustainability, wellbeing, Executive Search and change management programmes to blue-chip clients. Together, Instant and Incendium have a truly distinct offer in the market. We give clients access to independent market-leading consultancy, world class data, and delivery options that transform their approach to workplace and real estate. We are different from our competitors because we start from an agile footing and are not beholden to the traditional real estate strategies of the past. We have offices all over the world, with key HQ in Chicago, New York, London and Singapore.

Sustainability and wellbeing are at the heart of the business, with this mindset integrated into all advisory services and the way we deliver projects to our clients. Our integrated sustainability mindset helps us assist our clients to develop their sustainability and net zero strategies with the same mindset engrained within the entire business While Instant and Incendium operate within the Real Estate sector, the sustainability team tends to work with corporates at a business level, influencing not only operations but the wider business strategy.

We are making a real difference in the challenge of slowing climate change. Our work with global clients not only focuses on developing their sustainable strategies. We typically remain as part of the client team in delivering our sustainability roadmap, and often work hand-in-hand with our Instant colleagues to deliver sustainable workspace solutions.


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