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Date Posted: 7 days ago
Salary: £32,306 - £39,027 a year

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Southwark CAMHS Recruit to Train 5 x Band 6 Training posts

Southwark CAMHS are delighted to be advertising 5 new CYP-IAPT training posts across 4 therapy modalities:
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy ( CBT) 1 post in the adolescent team
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Learning Disabilities (ASD/LD) 2 posts in the neurodevelopmental team and early help team.
  • Systemic Family Practice ( SFP) 1 post in the adolescent team
  • Under 5's - 1 post in the early help team
We are looking for committed and enthusiastic CAMHS practitioners who would like to undertake training in one of the above models/modalities of evidence-based therapy. You may be a nurse, social worker or occupational therapist or other professional with experience of working in CAMHS or transferable skills. The successful post-holders will complete a post-graduate diploma through either University College London or Kings college whilst working in one of our multi-disciplinary clinical teams. Posts will be based in our Adolescent Service, our Neurodevelopmental Service and our Early Help team. You will be expected to carry a clinical caseload, including delivering therapy according to your training modality. Southwark CAMHS is a thriving borough CAMHS service serving a diverse inner London population. We are comprised of six multi-disciplinary teams as follows: Children and Families, Adolescent, Neurodevelopmental, Carelink, Early Help and Parental Mental Health. We provide a range of evidence-based therapies to young people. We have strong links to National and Specialist Services and to the IoPPN and are actively involved in clinically relevant research and PPI initiatives. The service has well-established connections with other local services including education and social care, and local voluntary agencies.

It is very important to mention which modality/modalities you are applying for and why you are qualified & interested in them.

These are training positions and so all candidates will need to apply for both the trainee role with our organisation and either the UCL or KCL (dependent on modality) Post Graduate Diploma in Child and Young Person IAPT Therapy in order to be shortlisted (for more information about the course and minimum entry criteria, please see the course page:

For Candidates wishing to apply for LD/ ASD or Under 5's

Please complete your university application using the UCL University Application Guidance supplied.

For Candidates wishing to apply for CBT or SFP

Please complete your university application using the KCL University Application Guidance supplied.

As this is a training position, please be aware that this is a dual application process where you must be employed in a Recruit to Train funded job to also receive a place on the course, and vice-versa. If you are ineligible for the University Course, you will be unable to be offered the role. If you withdraw from an employment offer but you have accepted a university offer, you will be unable to join the course.

This role will be best suited for applicants that are able to balance a busy work and study schedule. You will be an employee at the service but also enrolled for 2 days a week on a Postgraduate Diploma course. As this is a Postgraduate level diploma, you will also be required to be able to study and write academic material at this level. Applicants must be prepared to study and write assignments outside of protected study time (such as on weekends and after work).

Please note that when you apply to this role, your name will be shared with the Higher Education Institute (HEI) running the course. The service will usually be the Course Team’s main way of contacting you until you have been sent an Offer, and so the Course Team at the HEI may ask for information if it is missing but relevant to deciding eligibility. Other information that might be shared is:
  • Reason behind ineligibility for the course.
  • Queries regarding application (such as if you claim to have a professional registration without submitting certificates, course may ask service to pursue more information)
  • Name change – if you may have registered with a different name than HEI was given, they will confirm with service to ensure that they are reviewing the correct candidate.

This is an integral part of the process to confirm that you have applied to the University and that you meet their course requirements.Please apply to the University at the same time as applying to this job position.

If you apply to this job, you are giving permission for information to be shared between the Course Team at the HEI and the Recruitment team at the Service.The only information that is shared will be relevant to establishing eligibility for the job/course. No irrelevant information will be disclosed or discussed in relation to your application.

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