Ensoft Software Engineering Intern - UK

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Job Description

Software Engineering Internships (Intern) UK

Location - Harpenden, Herts
Start Date - Summer 2022 8-10 Weeks Placement

What You'll Do:
Our aim is to provide you with a full experience of what it is like to work as part of the Ensoft engineering team. All of our software development teams are responsible for delivering cutting edge software technology that helps to run the Internet, delivered to an outstanding quality. We want to help you build experience of this that will be valuable to your future, as well as helping you to decide if this is the career for you. To achieve this, you will be working closely alongside one of our teams on a project with a real deliverable, and with a completion point that can be reached within the 8-10 week period that you are with us. This should allow you to experience everything from design through to coding and testing of the product, along with the day to day agile processes that we use to manage our work.

You’ll be working in our office in Harpenden, close to the station and with a very fast connection into London. Harpenden is an attractive town, which , thanks to its excellent commute , has a thriving centre with shops, bars and restaurants. Close by is the city of St Albans, bringing a wider social scene (theatres, clubs, a wider selection of bars) and all the facilities offered by a modern city. By road, both the M1 and M25 are easily accessible by car. Harpenden is conveniently located just over an hour's drive from both Oxford and Cambridge.

Who You'll Work With:
You’ll be working alongside incredibly talented individuals, like yourself, with a shared enthusiasm for software development. Cisco’s Ensoft team is entirely made up of people recruited as young, exceptional graduates from top universities who have developed into all the roles that make up our team today - from the management team to the industry leading technical experts.

We have a really friendly culture. It is a sign of how well people get on that employees arrange so many activities together in their spare time. This is on top of the many company funded social events arranged by our social team.

From previous interns, in their own words…

“ During my 10 weeks I was working on a network management system written in Python (that was created by the previous interns), and going through the codebase, making design decisions and refactoring everything allowed me to get good experience at working with such a large application. And it's really thrilling to know that the application is relevant to the company, and that eventually it may even be a product in itself.”
  • Sam (Oxford, Computer Science)
“The internship itself was a brilliant experience, having been paired with the other intern we were given a genuinely interesting project to work on which would potentially be of actual use to the company! (Having spoken to friends interning at other companies this actually seems fairly rare!) We were given a series of managers whom were always incredibly helpful and friendly, allowing us to have a fair amount of independence with our project, offering pointers and guidance when needed.”
  • Alex (Oxford, Maths)
“The company culture was extremely friendly, with fun quirks like jacket potato Tuesdays, weekly breakfasts and more. There were no set timings, as long as we came in at reasonable times and so on. The focus was more on progress and achievement rather than time spent. Monthly company-wide meetings updated everyone on the status of all current projects, future social events, and so on - these were very interesting to attend! There were regular pub trips, as well as a summer BBQ, walking weekend, and more. The office had plenty of ways to procrastinate, including a pool table, table tennis, table football, and lots of snacks.”
  • Hrutvik (Cambridge, Computer Science)
Who You Are and What You Need To Be Eligible: You must have an interest in developing software - that's what we do! The barrier to entry is high, so you need a proven academic capability. For example, you will be taking or have completed a numerate degree at one of the UK's leading Universities. We need you to have enough software and programming experience to become quickly productive, so we can offer a rewarding placement
Finally, you must be sociable. Our software development process is collaborative, so you should enjoy working closely with the other people in your team

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